• Small Treat: Beef Burger Patties

Small Treat: Beef Burger Patties


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It's like a hamburger patty fresh off the grill for your dog!

Lucky Beef Burger Patties are an exciting, beefy treat for dogs of all sizes. Made in the USA from restaurant quality beef and smashed in to a delicious burger patty, just like you'd expect from a summer barbecue.

These thick, all-beef patties are the perfect size to reward your dog for good behavior, and once they sniff out the fresh beef scent they will come running for more!

Treats should be given one at a time for supplemental feeding only. Store treats in an air tight container for maximum freshness. Best used within 30 days of opening.

  • Lucky Beef Burger Patties are thick, savory snacks for every dog
  • One Ingredient: Restaurant Quality Beef
  • No preservatives, hormones, chemicals, additives, or fillers
  • Sourced and Made In The USA
  • Available in a resealable bag to maintain freshness
  • Burger Patties are 2" in diameter by 1/4" thick