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Chicken Wrapped Softies


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Featuring our NEW Chicken Wrapped Softies! Just like our #1 customer favorite, Chicken Wrapped Treats, these are softer to chew for your furkids!

Our original, long lasting chicken wrapped rawhide is still Lucky's favorite dog treat! Made of only 2 ingredients: beef skin and chicken breast, these Chicken Wrapped Softies are hand-wrapped with care and packed with delicious flavor of all natural chicken dehydrated to contain it's juices for a softer chew. Highly recommended for dogs with not-so-great teeth, older dogs and just a fun treat.

Also available in a harder, longer-lasting chew Chicken Wrapped Treats for small/regular dogs. Treats should be given one at a time, for supplemental feeding only. For optimal flavor, use within 30 days after opening bag.

NEW Product Launch
  • 98% Fat-free chicken breast hand-wrapped around rawhide sticks
  • Satisfies your dog's natural urge to gnaw, an easy to digest softer chew for older dogs or those with not-so-great teeth
  • Made in the USA with farm-fresh, locally sourced chicken
  • Gluten-free, Grain-free ingredients
  • No preservatives, no hormones, no chemicals, no additives & no fillers
  • Each pack contains 10 chicken wrapped softies
  • Average size measures 5" x 0.25" diameter

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