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We support local farmers and are proud of our fresh ingredients. Each Lucky Treat is made on-site daily with love, from farm to dog bowl!

All treats are made right here in Georgia, with human grade meats and vegetables and cooked with care. Find out what treats are right for your dog!


 • Chicken Wrapped Rawhide • Double Chicken Wrapped Rawhide • Chicken Wrapped Sweet Potato
• Chicken Basted Rawhide • Chicken Jerky • Chicken Jerky Lucky Slims
• Chicken Jerky Straws • Chicken Jerky Lucky Chips • Chicken Jerky Sprinkles


 • Beef Wrapped Rawhide • Beef Basted Rawhide • Beef Jerky
• Beef Jerky Straws • Beef Jerky Lucky Chips
• Beef Jerky Lucky Slims
• Beef Jerky Sprinkles


• Turkey Jerky • Turkey Jerky Straws • Turkey Jerky Wafers
• Turkey Lucky Slims • Turkey Jerky Sprinkles


• Venison Jerky Lucky Chips • Venison Jerky Straws • Venison Jerky Sprinkles


• Duck Jerky Lucky Chips • Duck Jerky Straws • Duck Jerky Sprinkles


• Tuna Jerky • Tuna Jerky Straws • Tuna Jerky Sprinkles

Sweet Potato

• Chicken Wrapped Sweet Potato • Chicken & Sweet Potato Lucky Chips • Chicken & Sweet Potato Jerky Bites
• Sweet Potato Straws • Sweet Potato & Peanut Butter Straws • Sweet Potato Lucky Slims
• Sweet Potato Sweetzies • Sweet Potato Chewys • Sweet Potato Sprinkles


• Apple Rings • Chicken & Apple Jerky Bites • Chicken & Apple Lucky Slims
• Apple Sprinkles


• Carrot Medallions • Chicken & Carrot Jerky Bites • Chicken & Carrot Lucky Slims