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  • Product Comparison: Chicken Wrapped Rawhides

     At Lucky Premium Dog Treats, we take pride in producing high quality dog treats made with only the finest ingredients. 

    Lucky Premium Treats motto

    We know that our dog treats are the best on the market, and the best way to show that is to do a side-by-side comparison between our product and that of our competitors.

    We have for evaluation our Chicken Wrapped Rawhide Dog Treats for Small Dogs.

    What do you notice first?

    The comeptitor's product is on the left, and the Lucky Premium Treat brand is on the right.

    Notice the difference in the amount of chicken on the two treats. It is abundantly clear that the Lucky Treat chicken-wrapped rawhide has immensely more chicken on it than the competitor.

    Chicken Wrapped Rawhides comparision

    The competition’s treat (TOP) is nearly all plain rawhide, whereas our Lucky Treat (BOTTOM) has only a couple flashes of rawhide, necessary to let the moisture out. Our Lucky Treat chicken-wrapped rawhides are wrapped all the way around with 98% fat-free real chicken breast. This is a visual indicator of the quality of our product and it shows what the consumer gets for their money.

    The competition’s treat is made in Mexico. Lucky Premium Dog Treats are made in the USA at our facility in Doraville, GA.

    Ingredients in our Lucky Premium Treats (BELOW) are simple: Beef Skin, Chicken Breast. No preservatives, no additives, no fillers.

    The competitor’s (BELOW) list of ingredients: Beef Hide, Chicken, Sugar, Salt, Potassium Sorbate (Preservative).

    Sugar and salt are just calories to make a dog fatter and it doesn’t add any nutritional value. Preservatives are never good for you! We don’t use anything like that because we don’t need it, and neither do dogs.

    Another difference is in packaging.

    The competitor's treat package (RIGHT) comes in a cheap plastic package with a paperboard top which can’t be resealed. Their package contains 45 chews, so it is not something that is going to be used all at once. All Lucky Treats (LEFT) come in our special re-sealable package with oxygen absorber so they will stay fresher, longer.

    Which dog treat do you want to spend your money on?

    Of course, Lucky Premium Treats also offers 100% money-back guarantee! We believe in what we do, and guaranteed all our products are made fresh (read more about our Ingredients) and your furkid(s) will love them.

    Available in different sizes (Toy, Small, Medium & Large): Buy our Chicken Wrapped Treats!

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  • What's NEW & Improved (Part 2 of 2)

    Continuing on our Two-Part BLOG series post about "What's New & Improved", Part One (here) focused on our Manufacturing and Production, Part Two will focus on our Website & Service, and Future Improvements.

    Join us again, as we reflect back on the major positive changes and improvements we've made at Lucky Premium Treats, so that we can continue providing all Lucky Dogs with Lucky Treats! 

    What's NEW & Improved!

    Part II - Website

    1. Brought services in-house to better serve you: Customer Service & Support, Marketing & Management
      • One-on-one Customer Service experience with in-house Support
      • Onsite Marketing with promotionals, oversite on advertising, graphics and brand
    2. Improved Email Newsletter with weekly sales and savings, product information and company news
    3. Redesigned entire website with reliable and stable Ecommerce System
    4. Added Customer Loyalty Rewards Program, so when you shop, you earn points and save on future purchases
    5. Added Subscribe & Save (Auto-Ship program saves you 5%) for convenient hassle-free online ordering
    6. Engage with customers on our active Social Media pages: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – respond and interact with customers
    7. Host Contests & Giveaways with prizes every month
    8. Enhanced Website with in-depth information on: Our Story, Our Ingredients, FAQ, Blog, Contact Us
    9. Improved Website with changes to Menu and submenus
    10. Updated Weekly Graphics and Banners relating to email promotions
    11. Feedback Friday: Surveys for Customer Feedback & Facebook Polls
    12. Branding Consistency for all our packaging and marketing materials 

    What's NEW & Improved!

    Part III - Upcoming Year

    1. New Products currently being tested:
      1. Chicken Linx and Straws mixed with variety of Fruits
      2. Turkey Jerky and Turkey Wrapped Chews
      3. Chicken-Wrapped Premium Chews: In development of new process to infuse 100% flavor deep into the rawhide then wrap with chicken for an undeniably, delicious treat!
    2. Automated Operations and Fulfilment: more efficient, cost-saving process in manufacturing and production
    3. Standardization of all procedures to perfect our Lucky Treats

    We'd love to hear from you! 

    Fill out our Feedback Survey and our Treats Survey, the latter enters you to win a Lucky Premium Treats Jerky Basket (value $80+) - ends 03/31.

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  • What's New & Improved (Part 1 of 2)

    As a small business, we are always striving to do our best for our products and our customers! We love what we do at Lucky Premium Treats, and the best way to do that is to constantly improve how we do business. Whether it's upgrading our manufacturing, processing or customer experience, we value 100% effort!

    We will have a Two-Part BLOG series post about "What's New & Improved", Part One (here) will focus on our Manufacturing and Production, Part Two will focus on our Website and Future Improvements.

    Join us as we reflect back on the major positive changes and improvements we've made at Lucky Premium Treats, so that we can continue providing all Lucky Dogs with Lucky Treats! 

    What's New & Improved in Manufacturing

    Part I - Manufacturing

    1. Expanded Facility for Quantity and Quality Control
    2. Added More Machinery
      1. Improved Product Efficiency with most current high-tech machinery
      2. Improved Product Consistency with (in Training Treats & Bites)
      3. Improved Product Uniformity by adding special machinery to cut products (Chicken & Jerky)
    3. Added Product Testing to measure moisture and ensure no-mold levels
    4. Officially Certified
      1. Licensed and product tested by the State of Georgia
      2. Organic by GCIAOCP for Organic Handler/Processing
      3. Compliant with Organic Operation with USDA National Organic Program
      4. Internationally Organic with US-Canada, US-Japan, US-EU, US-Korea
    5. Incorporated new Fulfillment Programs for accuracy and 24-hour shipping turnaround: barcodes, scanners, management software to eliminate/minimize shipping errors
    6. Added Shipping Procedures to ensure orders are promptly sent out via USPS or UPS

    What's New & Improved in Production


    1. Increased Chicken on every Rawhide to the maximum limit
    2. Added New Bags and Jars with improved Freshness Seals and Manufacturing Dates
    3. Added Oxygen Absorbent Packets to every product shipped to ensure the freshest treats
    4. Added New Products (Variants) and New Line (Pura Naturals Pet):
      1. Chicken Jerky Straws
      2. Lucky Slims
      3. Linx in various flavors
      4. Tuna Jerky, Tuna Straws,
      5. Organic Chicken Jerky
      6. Pura Naturals Pet shampoos, insect repellant, paw moisturizer, washing gloves
      7. Gift Baskets: Xmas/Dog Size, I Woof You (All Veggie, Favorites), Lucky Jerky, Pura Naturals Pet, New Dog/Puppy, Older Dog, Sampler Basket

    We'd love to hear from you! Feel free to leave a comment below or...

    Fill out our Feedback Survey and our Treats Survey, the latter enters you to win a Lucky Premium Treats Jerky Basket (value $80+) - ends 03/31.

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  • Follow Us on Social Media!


    Thank you for all of the PAWsome "I Woof You" photos and short stories! We loved reading about your furkids and their favorite Lucky treats! 

    Patricia Brookins


    "My First Day Dog"
    Maddy is a rescue dog, she was so thin and not the best looking on the outside but she is so loving most of all I love her and she will be with me always. Has a beautiful soul.

    Dog's Name: Maddy
    Dog Age: 11 mos.
    Dog Breed: only your guess
    Favorite Lucky Treat:
    Chicken Wrapped Rawhide chews





    Dog’s Name: Kosmo

    Dog Age: 8
    Dog Breed: West Highland Terrier
    Favorite Lucky Treat: Chicken Wrapped Rawhide medium size



    Diana Honest

    Hi, My name is Grasshopper. I am about a 4 year old rescue and I'm supposed to be part Chihuahua and part Jack Russell.  I am a picky eater and my mom discovered that Lucky Premium's Beef Jerky is a big favorite of mine.  She must, must, give me some with each of my meals and before I go to bed.  As you can see, I'm addicted to that yummy jerky.  I sure hope others will try it out, you'll love it too.


    Michelle Grogan









      “Waiting out the rain”

      Although this isn't the best photo of my husband or Chloe, it's one of my favorites.  It was taken while waiting for the rain to stop at our local dog park.  Chloe was adopted 2 years ago from our local animal shelter and although we aren't sure what her life was like before we rescued her, I know ours is definitely better with her in it!  She's a daddy's girl who loves nothing more than chasing balls and hanging out with him.  She's such a sweet soul <3

      Dog: Chloe/2 years old/Chihuahua mix and she is OBSESSED with your Chicken Jerky :)





      Joanna Rogers

      “My Valentine”

      This is Valentine. A 2 year old schi-shon (teddy bear breed). She lives with me and my husband in Wisconsin. She 💜'a sleeping with me, or more appropriately, ON me!! To the point that she will go into a "doggy" freak-out panic attack if I don't let her. Yesterday I fell asleep on the couch. I was uncomfortable with her laying on my chest so I kept pushing her off me. That did not deter her. Persistence counts when it comes to this little doggie 🐶 getting her way. Well I must of pushed her off one too many times. Cuz this is how I found her when I woke up. Wedged between the cushions of the couch with a very pleased look on her little doggie face. Overly content with just being able to lay down in my close vicinity. Even if it meant being severely smushed and not able to move. I guess you can say she "woofs me"! I definitely love her!!!!! ❤️ Favorite treats are Chicken Wrapped smalls.


      Stay tuned for more contests and don't miss another opPAWtunity for free treats!

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    1. Lucky's Birthday Celebration (Part 2/2)

      Get to know Lucky!

      What treats he likes to eat, his favorite pastime and what his everyday routine is!

      Favorite Toy: Lucky has one favorite toy. It’s an old squeaky toy (does not squeak any more) that is broken and is a green Mr. Broccoli head. Often times if he does not have it in the bedroom he will get out of bed, scratch on the door and have either Steph or I go down with him to find Mr. Broccoli and bring him up to bed.

      Lucky's so lucky!

      Lucky's Favorite Lucky Treats:

      Chicken Jerky, it was chicken wrapped chews but now it’s jerky (less work more chicken!

      Veggies & Fruits: Lucky eats the Sweet Potatoes and Apples, but doesn’t really like Carrots! No surprise there, like most people, veggies aren’t his thing.

      Straws: He enjoys the Chicken and Tuna flavors.

      Lucky at Work:

      Goes to the office every day. He likes the employees who give him the most snacks. Now that the offices have been expanded when he gets there he runs from office to office to see each member of the office staff. When the wrapping team leaves he plays with all of them but is favorite is Joslin, she gives him the most attention.

      Lucky and I are virtually inseparable. From the time I get up in the morning he follows me everywhere. Even the bathroom. When we are in the car he sits in my lap and likes to stick his head out the window. The only time he is not in my lap in the car is when Steph sits him next to her. Friday night’s Steph and I have date night and we go to a movie. So when I get ready to leave he stands near the door and will stare at me making me feel guilty about leaving him. But when we get back his tail is wagging like mad because he is so happy to see us.


        A favorite route of Lucky’s routine:

        When I sit and watch the news at night he sits in my lap. As soon as I here Steph’s car I tell him “mom’s here” He jumps off my lap and goes to the door to wait for me to open it. As soon as I do he runs to the car tail wagging like mad to greet mom and wait for her to take him out for his evening walk before dinner.

        1. We now have a new early evening activity. We have lots of small kids that play in our cull de sac. So many evenings they will come knock on the door and I let lucky go out and chase them as they scream and hollow. He is really getting to enjoy this. I know it because as we pull in the driveway he looks out the window to see if the kids are outside.

        Andie was the daughter who pushed the hardest for us to get Lucky. Lucky rewarded her during his early days by going into her room and pooping whenever no one was watching him. As they say no good deed goes unpunished.

        Lucky napping!

        Lucky's Favorite Time, Naptime & Bedtime:

        When it gets close to that time he comes and stands in front me and stares at me until I start to get up. I then get him a bedtime snack of Jerky. He used to like rawhide chews at bedtime but now he figures it is easier to eat just jerky instead of having to work to get it off the rawhide. We recently started a new habit I have to carry him up to bed. He is quite capable of climbing but at bedtime I have to carry him up. I put him on the bed and the jerky on the end table. While I get ready in the bathroom he lays on the edge of the bed and stares at the jerky until I get back. Never tries to get it on his own. When I get back I tell him to backup and he backs up so that I have enough room to get in. It’s funny to watch him shuffle back while never taking his eyes off the Jerky. I then feed him his Jerky one small piece at a time. When it’s gone he stares at me until I rub my hands together that it is all gone. He then gets off the bed goes to the bathroom and has a drink of water before he gets back in bed.

        As for his bedtime habits. Lucky will make sure there's space for him on the bed, even if means Stephanie and I have to sleep on the edge of the bed. And of course he snores and snores and snores!


        Memories with the Birthday Boy:

        We were living in Loft condo that had white floors. With lucky being small and pure white my wife and I kept almost stepping on him. It took a while for us to get use to him.

        The first couple of nights we put lucky in our bath tub to sleep. We were afraid he would fall off the ledge to the floor below. He was not going to have that. He cried all night the first night. The second night we looked at pathetic look as he looked up at us. So we put him in our bed and he has been there ever since. I think it is really his bed and he shares it with us.

        We decided to give Lucky his first bath. He was not a happy camper at all with the experience. He was shaking like a leaf in a hurricane. To calm him down I put him on my chest and started humming just like I did with the girls when they were little. He quickly relaxed and fell asleep. That was probably when we started to bind and develop our mutual love for each other. To this day when I hold him in my arms or he lays beside me and I rub his tummy he relaxes and falls asleep.

        Lucky quickly learned that all he had to do is give us his droopy eyed look and we would cave in to his wishes

        Happy Dogmas!

        Lucky has a cousin called “Bear” a big fellow for being less than a year old. While Andie was preparing to leave for Law School Bear came to spend the summer with us. Now Bear is 60 lbs. and Lucky 18 Lbs. and 1/4th his size. Lucky being very spoiled would bark at bear when he came close. Bear would run away from lucky. Funny to see this big dog running away from little lucky.

        So, as Lucky turns 10 years old this December, we realize just how incredibly lucky we really are to have him in our lives. Each day is a new adventure. We're so happy to have you as our customers, but more than that, Lucky's friends! We thank you for celebrating with us!

        Lucky says: Woof!

        Click button to watch the video of Lucky growing up!

        Wish Lucky a "Happy Birthday" below in our Comments. Lucky would love to hear from you! 

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