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  • New Years Tips For Dog Owners

    Work It Out  Make New Year's Eve special by spending some extra time with your pup! Get in some physical activity during the day to use up that extra energy. Think of it like getting a head start on that resolution.  Create A Cozy Space  Once the clock strikes midnight there will be a lot of noise and excitement, which may be too much for your dog! During the day create a comfy space indoors, preferably in one of their favorite hiding spots, with blankets and extra water so your dog can relax during the festivities. Drown Out The Noise...

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  • Black Friday Doorbuster Deals

  • Rainy Day Activities To Do With Your Dog

    Plan a Treasure Hunt  Let your dog’s amazing sense of smell take them on a hunt through the house! Start off by letting your dog see (and smell!) that you are hiding some of their favorite treats (like our Lucky Chips) so they get a sense of the game. Once they have gotten the hang of it start hiding them in another room or in more difficult to reach places. Make It a Spa Day Spend your extra time spoiling your dog! Give them a nice, warm bath, trim their nails, and give them a little puppy massage. This bonding...

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  • Keeping Your Dog Cool This Summer

      Get a Head StartWalking your dog earlier or later in the day is not only a great way to avoid the heat of the day, but it also gives them a chance to work out some of that excess energy early on and help them sleep through the mid-day heat. Protect the Paws While on your walk, try to find grassier areas and trails. Asphalt and sidewalks may be too hot for your dog’s paws, especially on a hot, sunny day. When going on a walk also remember to bring extra water on your walks for both you and...

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  • Keeping Your Dog Safe & Happy During Fireworks Season

    Keep Them Inside We all know that fireworks season is a stressful time for dogs. Keeping them inside will not only insulate them from the scary sounds, but also make sure that they cannot run away. It also helps to try and drown out the noise. Leave some music or a TV on throughout the night, especially if you plan on leaving the house.  Update Their Tags Accidents can happen, and you will want to make sure that your dog has the right information in case they escape. Take a minute this week to make sure your dog’s tags are up...

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  • Traveling Tips For You and Your Dog

    1. Know the Rules While it has never been easier to travel with your dog, the rules for traveling with pets can vary between different hotels, airlines, and other destinations. Remember to double check the pet policies before you leave to prevent a future headache. 2. Papers, Please! Not only should you remember to bring your dog’s leash and collar with their ID tag, but it is also a good idea to have their recent vaccinations or health records handy. You never know when they might be needed! 3. Take a Test Drive It is very important to make sure...

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