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  • Lucky's Quick Tips #7

    1. Keep Changing It Up Try not to get into a set routine when it comes to giving out treats. Your dog will pick up on when you do and do not have them, and may not listen as well. 2. Kick Bad Habits Immediately If you've noticed any new bad habits from your dog, try to work on correcting them immediately. The longer they are allowed to do any unwanted behaviors, the harder it will be to make them stop. 3. Celebrate Their Victories Positive reinforcement is by far the best tool for training your dog. Try making it...

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  • Lucky's Quick Tips #6

    1. Keep Them Close When you are at the house, try to have your dog near you as much as possible. Not only will this prevent them from getting into trouble, but it helps them become used to staying by your side when you go out together. 2. Stay Local If you are looking into signing your dog up for a class, try to look as close to home as possible. This will help keep your dog in a comfortable, familiar place. 3. Break Out The Good Stuff It's best to use a special treat when you're specifically training your dog, and...

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  • Lucky's Quick Tips #5

    1. One Step At A Time To avoid confusion, work on one thing at a time, and don't get into the habit of doing the same series of commands in the same order each time. This keeps everything feeling new for your pup. 2. Listen To Them Your dog is always giving you cues through their body language. Be sure to pay attention and make sure they are continuing to have a good time! 3. Give Them Some Space Sometimes your dog needs a break from it all! Wether it is a crate or their favorite blanket, it is important...

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  • Lucky's Quick Training Tips #4

    1. Relationship Building Exercises Training your dog is about more than commanding them, it is a chance to strengthen the bond you share together. Keep it fun and enjoy spending some time with your best friend! 2. Location, Location, Location When it comes time to start training, make sure you are both in a familiar and relaxing environment. Removing the distractions of a new place will help your pup to focus better. 3. Use Your Hands Try using a different hand motion for every individual command. This will give your dog an extra hint as to what you want in addition to the verbal cue....

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  • 5 Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dog

    5 Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dog It can be tempting to share the foods you love with your dogs, especially when they give you those eyes. However, some foods can be downright dangerous! Here are 5 foods dogs should avoid: 1. Chocolate This is the most popular food to avoid for dogs, and for good reason. Chocolate contains theobromine and caffeine, which while fine for humans can be quite dangerous for dogs. 2. Grapes While scientists still aren't completely sure why grapes are toxic for dogs, they can lead to vomiting and kidney failure. It is best to...

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  • Top 10 Dog Treats Under $10

     With so many treats out there, where do you begin? In this top 10 list we will go over our favorite treats available now for under $10! 10. Mr. Albacore  Next time you get new treats, try changing it up! These all-natural tuna treats are full of omega-3 fatty acids and are great to improve their skin and coat. Cats love them too! Read More 9. Garden Harvest Remember to eat your vegetables! Made with locally sourced fresh carrots and sweet potatoes, your dogs will drool over these healthy and delicious treats! Read More 8. Training Treats Confetti Whether you are...

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