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Where to purchase Wholesale 

You can contact us directly, Wholesale Pet, and through                                                      

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Our Top Sellers with Pet Wants

Lucky Chips, Slims, & Bars, Chicken Wrapped Sweet Potato, and our Straw Collection! 

How are Lucky Premium Treats made?

Well, that's a secret! But we do guarantee our quality and our freshness, as we produce Lucky Treats every day.

Our products ship FRESH to you! Unlike some companies, we don’t irradiate any ingredients, nor add any preservatives or chemicals. Our unique dehydration process meets USDA standards by implementing processing temperatures which quickly destroys any harmful bacteria and germs. Our Lucky Treats are bagged and sealed immediately ensuring optimal moisture content. We handle our chicken in a frozen state to eliminate spoilage, keeping your treats fresh and safe from bacteria.

How do we know this? Because we're onsite where our Lucky Treats are made, here in Georgia, USA.

Here are some testimonials from our Pet Wants Customers