“My spoiled crew loves Lucky Premium Dog Treats. My sweet shepards go crazy for the medium chicken wrapped chews. This is an amazing company, that makes small batches of healthy wonderful treats for dogs all sizes. My babies say Two Paws Up!”

“I have been feeding my dog these treats for about the last year or so. He will not eat any other treats. When I pop open the bag it smells like real chicken cutlets. I am so impressed with their purity. I love my dog so much and would not feed him anything else in the way of treats.”

“We are very "treat-picky" and impressed!!! It can be a huge challenge finding healthy, acceptable (by Dachshund standards!) treats. They are powerful chewers and treat time is serious business! You know you've found a quality treat when the doorbell rings and NOT A SINGLE dachshund responds - WOW! Thanks, Lucky!”