Where do your ingredients come from?
All of our ingredients are Made in the USA, farm-fresh and actually, most of our 98% fat-free USDA grade chicken comes locally from Georgia! We support local small businesses.
What Size Rawhide Should I Order For My Dog?
First, you know what's best for your pets. We recommend common sense for the size of treats vs. size of your dog and how good its teeth and digestion are. We base the size of the rawhides recommended below on the size/weight of the dog, so it's not 100% scientific. Toy Size & Lap Dog size rawhides - toy or lap dogs less than 10 lbs Small & Regular size rawhides - small dogs 10-25 lbs Medium size rawhides - small to medium dogs 25-50 lbs Stubby size rawhides - medium dogs 50-75 lbs Retrievers size rawhides - large/extra large dogs 75 lbs+ Bull Stick size rawhides - large dogs 75 lbs+ We also find that if you give your dogs a treat size up from their weight, it may provide a more fun and long-lasting chew!
How are Lucky Premium Treats made?
Well, that's a secret! But we do guarantee our quality and our freshness, as we produce Lucky Treats every day. Our products ship FRESH to you! Unlike some companies, we don’t irradiate any ingredients, nor add any preservatives or chemicals. Our unique dehydration process meets USDA standards by implementing processing temperatures which quickly destroys any harmful bacteria and germs. Our Lucky Treats are bagged and sealed immediately ensuring optimal moisture content. We handle our chicken in a frozen state to eliminate spoilage, keeping your treats fresh and safe from bacteria. How do we know this? Because we're onsite where our Lucky Treats are made, here in Georgia, USA.
How long do your treats last?
All of our products are made with fresh, natural ingredients daily and without preservatives or additives. Each product holds moisture differently and reacts to your environment differently. We quality assure each bag and jar is sealed properly before shipment, and each product has a manufacture date and expiration date. Once a package of Lucky Treats is opened, we recommend using the treats within 30 days for optimal flavor and freshness. Below is a general timeline: • All Jerky (Beef, Chicken, Tuna, Turkey): 30 days • Rawhides: 60 days • Fruits & Veggies: 30 days • Slims, Straws: 30 days • Sprinkles: 60-90 days • Training Treats & Bites: 30-60 days