New Years Tips For Dog Owners

Dec 31 , 2020

New Years Tips For Dog Owners

Work It Out

Make New Year's Eve special by spending some extra time with your pup! Get in some physical activity during the day to use up that extra energy. Think of it like getting a head start on that resolution. 

Create A Cozy Space

Once the clock strikes midnight there will be a lot of noise and excitement, which may be too much for your dog! During the day create a comfy space indoors, preferably in one of their favorite hiding spots, with blankets and extra water so your dog can relax during the festivities.

Drown Out The Noise

Many dog owners find that it helps a lot to include a radio or TV in their pup's special spot. A little bit of background noise may help distract your dog and muffle out some of the extra noise.

Give Some Extra Attention

Be sure to check on your furry friend throughout the night, and give them lots of love (and maybe an extra treat) for being so brave and calm!