Keeping Your Dog Safe & Happy During Fireworks Season

Jul 01 , 2020

Keeping Your Dog Safe & Happy During Fireworks Season

Keep Them Inside

We all know that fireworks season is a stressful time for dogs. Keeping them inside will not only insulate them from the scary sounds, but also make sure that they cannot run away.
It also helps to try and drown out the noise. Leave some music or a TV on throughout the night, especially if you plan on leaving the house.

Update Their Tags

Accidents can happen, and you will want to make sure that your dog has the right information in case they escape. Take a minute this week to make sure your dog’s tags are up to date.

Help Them Sleep Through It

On big fireworks days like Independence Day you should try taking your dog out for a long walk, or get in a lot of playtime before the festivities start. Always remember to bring some water with you and make sure they stay cool on these hot summer days!

With the right amount of exercise your dog could sleep soundly through the celebration.


Keep Them Busy

If your dog is too wound up to sleep, having something for your dog to do will help them immensely with their anxiety. Break out a puzzle toy or a long lasting chew and give them something to focus on besides the fireworks.

Reward Them

After the festivities die down, remember to give your dog some extra attention and treats for good behavior through the night!