Keeping Your Dog Cool This Summer

Jul 27 , 2020

Keeping Your Dog Cool This Summer


Get a Head Start

Walking your dog earlier or later in the day is not only a great way to avoid the heat of the day, but it also gives them a chance to work out some of that excess energy early on and help them sleep through the mid-day heat.

Protect the Paws

While on your walk, try to find grassier areas and trails. Asphalt and sidewalks may be too hot for your dog’s paws, especially on a hot, sunny day. When going on a walk also remember to bring extra water on your walks for both you and your furry friend!

Summer Cut

While you shouldn’t shave your dog during the summer, as their fur insulates cool air around them, be sure to keep your dog’s fur well-groomed during hot weather. Knots and matts can trap excess heat around your pet, so it is important to remove them.

Chill Out

Because dogs don’t sweat like humans do, they may need some extra time to cool off. When coming back inside try offering your dog some ice cubes or a cool, wet towel to lay on.

For a fun summertime activity, try freezing one of their toys or their favorite treat to give them something to work on while cooling down!


Know the Signs of Heat Stroke

If your dog is spending an extended amount of time outside in the heat, pay attention to their behavior and look out for the signs of heat stroke:

  • Excessive panting and/or salivating
  • Obvious discomfort
  • Vomiting and/or diarrhea
  • Disorientation or loss of balance
  • Dark or bright red gums 

If your dog is showing these signs bring them to a cooler environment right away and contact your vet. Give them some cool water, but make sure they pace themselves, and rub cool water onto their chest and armpits.