Lucky's Quick Tips #1

Jan 20 , 2020

Lucky's Quick Tips #1

1. Don't Delay In Rewards

A delay in rewarding your furry friend for their accomplishments might lead to them not knowing what they've done to earn it! Even just a few seconds between your dog doing what they are asked and getting their reward might be confusing to some dogs.

Being ready with high-quality training treats and rewarding them immediately will help to reinforce positive behaviors that you are trying to teach them.


2.Treat Your Dog Just For Being Good

Treat your dog for being good with our all-natural apple rings!Training your pup is all about reinforcement! Instead of just disciplining your dog when you've found them doing something wrong, try treating them when you catch them doing something right!

Rewarding your dog when they are being good is a great reminder that they are doing what you want them to do. Besides, who doesn't like to spoil their special buddy now and then?


3. Dogs Learn Best After Exercise

Be sure to play with your dogs before trying to teach them a new concept! They'll thank you.Remember when you were in school, and couldn't stay focused on classwork until after recess? Well, dogs think the same way! 

It is much more difficult to focus with a lot of pent-up energy, particularly with high-energy dogs.

Try taking them out to the park, go for a walk, or play a long game of catch before teaching them something new. They will be a lot more attentive and happier having had a chance to get in a quick work-out!












Remember, Lucky Dogs Get Lucky Treats!

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