Dogs In History: Swansea Jack

Aug 24 , 2023

Dogs In History: Swansea Jack

Dogs In History

Swansea Jack
Hero of the Docks

Swansea Jack was a black retriever, famous in Swansea, Wales, for rescuing 27 people from the docks and riverbanks of the town throughout his life.

Living by the North Dock / River Tawe area of town with his owner, William Thomas, Jack would always respond to cries for help coming from the water.

Known for his heroics, he was awarded the a silver collar by the local council. In 1936 he was named 'Bravest Dog of the Year' by the Star newspaper in London, and received a silver cup from the Lord Mayor of London. He is also the only dog to have been given two bronze medals by the National Canine Defense League. 

Jack is memorialized by a monument in Swansea.

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