Dogs In History: Rin Tin Tin

Aug 22 , 2023

Dogs In History: Rin Tin Tin

Dogs In History

Rin Tin Tin
Star of the Silent Film Era

Rin Tin Tin was born in France in 1918 and rescued from a World War I battlefield by an American soldier, Lee Duncan, who nicknamed him "Rinty".

After the war, Duncan trained Rin Tin Tin to begin working in Silent Films. Throughout his career, Rinty would go on to appear in 27 Hollywood films, gaining worldwide fame, and was a much sought after celebrity for endorsements of dog food and dog treats. 

Due to his popularity, Rin Tin Tin is greatly responsible for increasing the popularity of German Shepherds as family pets.

For his work in motion pictures and television, Rin Tin Tin has received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and received honors from the American Humane Association and the Academy of Arts and Sciences.

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