Why Duck Is Great For Dogs

Jan 29 , 2020

Why Duck Is Great For Dogs

1. Allergen Friendly

Some dogs may develop sensitivities to certain ingredients over time, even if they've eaten it every day. Duck meat is a great alternative treat for dogs that have developed allergies to proteins like chicken or beef.

Plus, your pup might appreciate changing things up every now and then!

2. Soft & Tasty

Soft treats are great for training purposes and senior dogs. Naturally succulent meats like duck make treats like our Duck Jerky Straws among our most tender treats yet!

3. Lean and Mean

Not only is duck naturally low in saturated fat, it is also packed full of B Vitamins, Iron, and Potassium. These powerful vitamins and mineral give a boost to the immune system, help keep energy levels balanced, and promote a beautiful skin and coat.