Summertime Activities For You & Your Dog

Jun 04 , 2020

Summertime Activities For You & Your Dog

The weather is warming up, and now is the time to get out with your pup!

1. Make a Splash

Keep your dog cool with your own back yard sprinkler partyThere’s no better way to cool off on a hot summer day than some fun in the water! Try searching your area for local dog friendly beaches or lakes. If you’re not up for a trip you can always set up a kiddie pool or sprinkler in your yard for some doggy summertime fun.

2. Hit the Road

Your dog works hard all year round, they need a vacation too! Summer is the perfect opportunity to take your dog to the camping grounds or a pet-friendly cabin for some fresh air and relaxation. You can even just pack a puppy picnic for a day trip.

3. Treasure Hunt

Satisfy your dog’s urge to explore and hunt by playing a game of hide and seek! While you are outside, or even in your living room on those hot days, try hiding some of their favorite treats and let them go looking.

Start off easy until they get the idea of the game, even letting them see where you are hiding their treat. Slowly start ramping up the difficulty by hiding them in places where they have to smell them out or use their heads to find them!