Top 10 Dog Treats Under $10

 With so many treats out there, where do you begin? In this top 10 list we will go over our favorite treats available now for under $10!

10. Mr. Albacore

 Next time you get new treats, try changing it up! These all-natural tuna treats are full of omega-3 fatty acids and are great to improve their skin and coat. Cats love them too!

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9. Garden Harvest

Remember to eat your vegetables! Made with locally sourced fresh carrots and sweet potatoes, your dogs will drool over these healthy and delicious treats!

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8. Training Treats Confetti

Whether you are training them on something new, or just want to reward them for being a good dog, our Training Treats Confetti Pack with 4 different flavors are the perfect reward! 

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7. Bambee Bites

Made with locally sourced venison, your dog will dash through the yard for one of these bite-sized jerky bites!

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6. Savory Shortys & Slims

With four flavors mixing chicken with fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots, and sweet potatoes, this sample pack of our Lucky Slims will be sure to satisfy your dog's next snack attack.

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5. Chicken Sticks

Dogs love these super crunchy bite-sized chicken sticks! A smaller version of our best-selling Chicken Jerky Straws, these small treats are great for any dog who loves chicken!

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4. Chicken Wrapped Uglies

Life's not perfect, and neither are our Chicken Wrapped Uglies. While they may look a little wonky, dogs love these chicken wrapped rawhide treats all the same!

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3. Doggone Good Bites

Your dog will be begging for more! These tasty jerky bites include four flavors, chicken, chicken and apple, chicken and carrot, and chicken and sweet potato. 

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2.  Rawhide Pawty Pack

Variety is the spice of life! This sampler of our rawhide offerings includes Chicken Wrapped, Plain, Beef Basted, Chicken Basted, and Peanut Butter Basted. Find your dog's favorite!

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1. Chicken Wrapped Softies

Made with just 2 simple ingredients, all-natural chicken breast hand wrapped around rolled rawhide. These tasty treats are a softer alternative to our best-selling Chicken Wrapped Rawhide, making them the perfect treats for young pups to seniors.

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