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Chick Wrapped Rawhide Chews for Small Sized Dogs

Janet K. Moore on September 4, 2014

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I have given a full review under the single bag purchase which was my first. Now I buy the two bags each time. They are my Holy Grail of dog treats. It is the ONLY thing my little one, 3.5 pounds, actually chews on which is VERY important for healthy teeth. I had an issue with one order, sent an e-mail and the owner called me within minutes on a Sunday. He was very accommodating and offered to send some replacements and some free samples of other items. This is a small company that does things right! I love supporting local small businesses and also giving my dog something I can trust. These cost more than the "other" brand that makes it's products in China. But, I had nothing but problems with them. Sharp pieces, the hide to thick for his little mouth, and yes, even live maggots. You get what you pay for stands true for this product. Always manufactured the same week that I receive them. I couldn't recommend them enough. From an ex-vet tech, I have zero hesitation with this product. My dog loves these more than anything I have given him, bar none.

Do NOT BUY "Made in CHINA" products for your furbaby

Product: Chicken Wrapped Rawhide Chews for Small Sized Dogs

T Toothman on December 28, 2013

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Due to recent canine deaths linked to treats MADE in CHINA I have NOT bought any international made items for my dog. This is the second time I have bought these and my dog LOVES them! They are 99.9 Fat Free and 110% USA MADE by Americans! Don't just consider buying, add to your cart now!


Product: Chicken Wrapped Rawhide Chews for Medium Sized Dogs

Posted by Cody and Niko's MOM on 10th Mar 2015

Trying to find chicken wrapped chews USA made products is hard. Knowing these are made here has eased my mind. My pups are chewers and this satisfies there chewing needs. These are great and my dogs will not go without them. They know the cabinet I put them in and now go scratch the door. Ordered a small pack first and now ordered 100 each of 2 different sizes . The chicken smells so fresh and the rawhide becomes nice and chewy for the pups. Little expensive but worth it (for our dogs health)!!!!!


Product: Chicken Wrapped Rawhide Chews for Medoim Size Dogs up to 18lbs

Posted by Nan on 7th Mar 2015

My dogs are fussy chihuahuas and they LOVE these treats. I feel good about buying treats made in the USA. The customer service at this company is top notch and I was delighted to receive free gifts. Don't miss this product!! Unlike other rawhide snacks that end up around the house half-eaten, these disappear completely as my doggies never leave over even a fleck! My little guys would eat these all day long if I let them. :)


Product: Chicken Jerky Fillets

Posted by Jerilee Monaghan on 27th Oct 2014

My dogs love this special treat! They only like chicken treats and I will only let them have Amercan made treats so they are quite limited. The seller is very nice and stands by his product even when he makes a shipping error, which he promptly corrected. Shipping is super fast too. Product looks exactly like what is shown which means a huge deal to me. Buy any of this company's won't go wrong. Another extra...they actually answer the calls made to them. No voice mail. A real live person...can't beat that!


Product: Sweet Potato Sweetize

Posted by JJOR on 23rd Nov 2014

Although I knew of Lucky's premium quality for their product (sweeties) I was little reluctant to purchase again because of it's texture (soft and chewy). However, I decided to purchase again because theirs is the best quality available but mostly due to our "little guy" (our second, rescued dog) loves and even prefers sweet potato over Lucky's awesome chicken jerkies! The new version of sweeties that I received is just perfect! Words can't express how happy and surprised I was. I just had to give each of our dogs biggest piece/slice I could find. And wished I bought some more. So here I am taking advantage of free shipping - more towards their treat. I don't think current photo do any justice to how new version actually looks like.


Product: Beef Flavored Rawhide Chews for Small Dogs up to 18lbs

Posted by Laura P on 26th Jun 2014

My dogs love these. All I have to say is chewy & they head for the treat basket. They don't last very long, but I can see a difference in their teeth. Nice & shiny.