Our Story

We're lucky to have Lucky in our lives!

Mission Statement

Give your dog the best, for their health and your peace of mind.

Your dog is not just a dog….s/he’s your best friend, your buddy, your pal, your furkid. He deserves the best, because he gives their best to you - every day. So when you’ve come home from work and he’s there to meet you, with tail wagging and happy barks...Don’t reach for some unknown treat with a million ingredients you cannot even pronounce, or that may or may not have a recall. No, be 100% safe with your choice and give your dog(s) the very best: Lucky Premium Treats.

Why choose Lucky Premium Treats?

We stand behind our product: 100% Guarantee on quality and freshness. We guarantee our Lucky Premium Treats taste better than other dog treats available. How? Because of Our Ingredients.

    • Made in the USA
    • All Natural
    • High Quality
    • Farm Fresh
Lucky Premium Treats Ingredients
(Products Shown, Left to Right: Apple Rings, Chicken-Wrapped Rawhide, Linx, Carrot Bites, Chicken Bites, Chicken-Apple Bites, Chicken Training Treats)

At Lucky Premium Treats, we understand just how you feel about the health and safety of your dogs, because we are dog owners too! We want all dogs to have the same, high quality treats that Lucky enjoys daily. That's how we came up with our motto:

Lucky Dogs Get Lucky Treats!

DID YOU KNOW? Veterinarians say that not only do dogs enjoy treats, but...

  • Gnawing on high quality chews and jerky satisfies a dog’s natural need to chew.
  • Chewing also provides stimulation and relieves anxiety.
  • Quality treats also help keep your dog’s teeth cleaner, which leads to...
  • Better overall health!

Lucky celebrates his 10th Birthday!

How Lucky Treats Came To Be

Located in the heart of the deep south, Atlanta, GA, Lucky Premium Treats was founded out of our love for a dog, our Maltese-Bichon Lucky. I wanted to give Lucky great treats so that he will be happier and healthier. I started researching treats from the big box stores, and they didn’t make me or Lucky very happy. Look at the back of other brand dog treat ingredients, and you'll find a million words that are suppose to be ingredients that you cannot even pronounce. As pet parents, we want the best for our furkids. The next step seemed natural, especially being the DIY type of person I am, I started experimenting and making treats for Lucky.

The two biggest problems with the chicken wrapped chews I bought Lucky were quality concerns over imported products (all those chemicals and hormones used) and little to no real chicken around the rawhide. Often it was just chicken “flavoring”….more chemicals!

There was alot of trial and error in our house kitchen (my wife thought I was crazy), but eventually I knew I made the right treats when the test-taster, Lucky, loved them! And I felt good giving them to him. I had developed my own methods to hand-make a variety of dog treats with ingredients I could trust. The word got out to our friends and family, and requests started pouring in! People wanted safe, all natural, high quality treats for their dogs too. So in 2013, I decided to offer Lucky Premium Treats, and as they say...

The rest is history!

Lucky with Al at the Dog Park