Our Ingredients

Lucky Dogs Get Lucky Treats!

But also 100% Natural, Fresh, Healthy and Made in the USA.

Lucky Premium Treat 4 Promises: Made in the USA, All Natural, High Quality, Farm Fresh

Our Products

Made in the USA - proud to be an All American Made product

All Natural - we use the best all natural ingredients because as dog owners ourselves, we only want the healthiest dog treats for our four-legged friends and their fur friends.

  • No Chemicals, No Preservatives, No Additives, No Filler!
  • Hormone-Free, Gluten-Free, Grain-Free!

High QualityOur meats are US Prime-grade chicken breasts, which are also 95% Fat-Free. No Enhancers are used in our dog treats, not even salt, which is healthier for your dog's diet. Our products are low in calories, 

Farm Fresh -  All our products are made on-site, and made fresh daily, and full of love! We buy our fresh, natural ingredients locally and support farms, so our Lucky Premium Treats are farm to table. And into your hands as soon as possible!

Lucky Premium Treats are made fresh daily.

Product Processing

Our products ship FRESH to you! Unlike some companies, we don’t irradiate our product or add preservatives or chemicals. Our unique dehydration process meets USDA standards by implementing processing temperatures which quickly destroys any harmful bacteria and germs. Our Lucky Treats are bagged and sealed immediately ensuring optimal moisture content. We handle our chicken in a frozen state to eliminate spoilage, keeping your treats fresh and safe from bacteria.

Lucky Premium Treats how to store

Storing Your Treats

Our products are best used 1-3 months after purchasing, and freshest within 30 days after opening. Our Lucky Premium Treats are made fresh daily and without preservatives or additives, therefore we recommend you store them in a cool, dry spot for optimal taste and freshness.

100% Guaranteed!

Lucky Dogs Get Lucky Treats! Lucky You, we guarantee your dogs will love our treats and be satisfied with our freshness (their noses can smell the yumminess), or your money back.

Lucky Premium Treats Bowl of Yums!