What's New & Improved (Part 1 of 2)

As a small business, we are always striving to do our best for our products and our customers! We love what we do at Lucky Premium Treats, and the best way to do that is to constantly improve how we do business. Whether it's upgrading our manufacturing, processing or customer experience, we value 100% effort!

We will have a Two-Part BLOG series post about "What's New & Improved", Part One (here) will focus on our Manufacturing and Production, Part Two will focus on our Website and Future Improvements.

Join us as we reflect back on the major positive changes and improvements we've made at Lucky Premium Treats, so that we can continue providing all Lucky Dogs with Lucky Treats! 

What's New & Improved in Manufacturing

Part I - Manufacturing

  1. Expanded Facility for Quantity and Quality Control
  2. Added More Machinery
    1. Improved Product Efficiency with most current high-tech machinery
    2. Improved Product Consistency with (in Training Treats & Bites)
    3. Improved Product Uniformity by adding special machinery to cut products (Chicken & Jerky)
  3. Added Product Testing to measure moisture and ensure no-mold levels
  4. Officially Certified
    1. Licensed and product tested by the State of Georgia
    2. Organic by GCIAOCP for Organic Handler/Processing
    3. Compliant with Organic Operation with USDA National Organic Program
    4. Internationally Organic with US-Canada, US-Japan, US-EU, US-Korea
  5. Incorporated new Fulfillment Programs for accuracy and 24-hour shipping turnaround: barcodes, scanners, management software to eliminate/minimize shipping errors
  6. Added Shipping Procedures to ensure orders are promptly sent out via USPS or UPS

What's New & Improved in Production


  1. Increased Chicken on every Rawhide to the maximum limit
  2. Added New Bags and Jars with improved Freshness Seals and Manufacturing Dates
  3. Added Oxygen Absorbent Packets to every product shipped to ensure the freshest treats
  4. Added New Products (Variants) and New Line (Pura Naturals Pet):
    1. Chicken Jerky Straws
    2. Lucky Slims
    3. Linx in various flavors
    4. Tuna Jerky, Tuna Straws,
    5. Organic Chicken Jerky
    6. Pura Naturals Pet shampoos, insect repellant, paw moisturizer, washing gloves
    7. Gift Baskets: Xmas/Dog Size, I Woof You (All Veggie, Favorites), Lucky Jerky, Pura Naturals Pet, New Dog/Puppy, Older Dog, Sampler Basket

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