What's NEW & Improved: Nutrition Labels

At Lucky Premium Treats, we're always making improvements to better our products and service. Since our last update in March, we've updated ALL our Lucky Treat product listings to include Nutrition Labels for each item. Why is this important?

Gizmo & Chloe getting their Lucky Treats (Michelle's dogs).
Gizmo & Chloe love their Chicken Jerky Fillets. Thanks to customer Michelle for sharing!

Because with nutrition labels help you make better decisions when selecting which Lucky Treats are best for your dog's health. You'll be able to help them maintain a stable weight if they are on a diet and get enough nutrition (ie: protein, fiber, calcium, etc). You'll be able to easily see on each Nutrition Label what is in each of our products:

  • Ingredients
  • Serving Size
  • Weight/Count
  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Fiber
  • Moisture

We have redesigned our nutrition labels to include a little story about us, our product guarantee and how every Lucky Treat and its ingredients are sourced from the USA, and made in the USA. We are especially proud to have a facility based in Georgia, and employee locally, and help the small business economy.

Lucky Premium Treats - Nutrition Label

Lucky Premium Treats - Nutrition Label Back of Bag

With our Lucky Treats, you can be 100% guaranteed and assured, you're getting 100% all natural, healthy, farm fresh dog treats. We thank you our customers for continually supporting us and allowing us to provide all Lucky Dogs with Lucky Treats! 

Roxy getting her Lucky Treats (Serena's dog).Roxy does tricks for her Chicken Wrapped Treats. Thanks to customer Serena for sharing!

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