We're celebrating Lucky's 10th Birthday! (Part 1/2)

How Lucky We Are!

Lucky is 10 years old this month! And we're sharing our stories with you. How Lucky came to be with us...

Lucky is born a runner!

All our friends are surprised by how much my wife, Stephanie loves Lucky! Why? Because she was always against having a dog...

I remember the banter went back and forth for months trying to convince Steph. So my clever daughters, Nikki and Andie, came to me and asked, “Do you think if we put a Powerpoint presentation together (they were 12 & 14 years of age at the time), that maybe we can convince Mom we’re responsible enough now to have a dog?” Haha!

So Spring Break 2006 came around, and we were at Stone Mountain Park for the day. During lunch, the girls pulled out their laptop and said to their Mother, “We want to talk to you about something.” They gave a fantastic presentation, and there was no way, rhyme or reason for her to say no. Our daughters had already been on the internet and spotted a dog they liked named Lucky.

I'm so cute...Gimme treats!

That Saturday was actually our lucky day… We brought our new family dog Lucky home and excitement was all around the house! We were introduced Lucky to his new home, and Lucky immediately melted all our hearts. As for Steph, I sometimes wonder if she had to choose, would she pick me or Lucky. I think I’m not going to ask… ;) We’re both lucky fellows!

Lucky has changed our lives.

I have a favorite photo of Lucky that my older daughter photoshopped – it’s a photo of him with the text:

“Every once in a while a dog comes into your life and changes everything”.

Long hair, don't care!

It’s because of Lucky that I am here writing this to you. I was mid 60’s trying to figure out what I was going to do with the rest of my life. My wife and I had just come off of a difficult 10 year period for our family. I started making chicken wrapped dog treats at home for Lucky because I did not like what I was buying at the Big Box store. I soon figured out that I could do it better than those big foreign suppliers. One thing led to the next, and here we are, 4 years later with a growing company employing 25 great folks, who hand wrap every treat for you!

Lucky may get lucky treats, but really, we’re the lucky ones.

Lucky Moments



Beach Bod

Born: December 25, 2006 Christmas Day


Breed: Maltese (I believe he has some Bichon in him)

Father: Gee Bees Little Running Bear

Mother: Two Bits of Trouble (definitely takes after his mother




Follow along with Lucky's STORY in our BLOG, part 2 will posted on Tuesday, December 13th, 2016 at 8am/EST.

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  • Posted by Catherine Hardin on

    A very Happy Birthday from my whole family. Thanks for being such a terrific inspiration for your family so lots of others can share in your rewards.
    Best wishes,
    Catherine and my labradoodle family, Gwennie, Aly, Branna, Logie and baby Grace.

  • Posted by Kelly, Mazie, Abbe, Anne and Bree on

    Happy Happy Barkday Lucky! You are a sweetie-peety and we are so glad that you have inspired your family so!
    Kelly (the Mom)
    Mazie the Lab
    Abbe, Anne and Bree the Powder Puffs

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