Working Out with Your Dog

Level 1: Beginner

The Classic Walk

Start off simple and just get out there for a walk! Walks are great for exercise, neighborhood exploration, and give you the chance to bond with your pup. Plus according to Women’s Health Magazine, a moderately paced 20 minute walk can burn up to 68 calories. So get out there!

Pop a squat

If your dog stops to sniff something or needs to go to the bathroom on your walk, do 10 squats while you wait. Keep your knees behind your toes and let your dog enjoy their mini-break.

Kayak King

If you are near the water, grab a doggy life-vest and a paddle and head out on the water. Kayaking is great for your arms and abs plus the perfect adventure for your dog.

Level 2: Intermediate


Grab a toy and challenge your dog to a game of tug-of-war. Depending on the size of your competitor, this may be more of less of a workout. Pull your abs in tight and try keep your shoulder blades pulled together for a fun core and back workout.

Lunge break

If your dog (or you) gets tired on your run/walk, switch to lunges. Work those long lean legs while giving your pup a breather.

Soccer goals

Get out and kick a ball around with your dog. Many dogs actually enjoy playing the game and it is great for them physically and mentally! If you have a herding breed, definitely try this one out!

Level 3: Advanced

Run, Stop, Jog, Walk…

Mix up your pace at random. Not only is “interval training” great for burning calories quickly but it also teaches your dog to pay attention very close to you on walks.

Become a Stair Master

Find stairs and take them on! Your legs and glutes will thank you. Just make sure to keep an eye on your footing and your dog’s energy level.

Try Tabata

Go “all out” for 20 seconds then take a break for 10 seconds. Repeat this 8 times and you will be worn out. This intense calorie burner can be done anywhere. Find a hill to run, do jumping jacks, squat jumps, side shuffles… just work has hard as you and your pup can during those 20 seconds! 

Let us hear about your favorite workout with your four legged best friend!

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