Product Comparison: Chicken Wrapped Rawhides

 At Lucky Premium Dog Treats, we take pride in producing high quality dog treats made with only the finest ingredients. 

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We know that our dog treats are the best on the market, and the best way to show that is to do a side-by-side comparison between our product and that of our competitors.

We have for evaluation our Chicken Wrapped Rawhide Dog Treats for Small Dogs.

What do you notice first?

The comeptitor's product is on the left, and the Lucky Premium Treats brand is on the right.

Notice the difference in the amount of chicken on the two treats. It is abundantly clear that the Lucky Treats chicken-wrapped rawhide has immensely more chicken on it than the competitor.

Chicken Wrapped Rawhides comparision

The competition’s treat (TOP) is nearly all plain rawhide, whereas our Lucky Treat (BOTTOM) has only a couple flashes of rawhide, necessary to let the moisture out. Our Lucky Treat chicken-wrapped rawhides are wrapped all the way around with 98% fat-free real chicken breast. This is a visual indicator of the quality of our product and it shows what the consumer gets for their money.

The competition’s treat is made in Mexico. Lucky Premium Dog Treats are made in the USA at our facility in Doraville, GA.

Ingredients in our Lucky Premium Treats (BELOW) are simple: Beef Skin, Chicken Breast. No preservatives, no additives, no fillers.

The competitor’s (BELOW) list of ingredients: Beef Hide, Chicken, Sugar, Salt, Potassium Sorbate (Preservative).

Sugar and salt are just calories to make a dog fatter and it doesn’t add any nutritional value. Preservatives are never good for you! We don’t use anything like that because we don’t need it, and neither do dogs.

Another difference is in packaging.

The competitor's treat package (RIGHT) comes in a cheap plastic package with a paperboard top which can’t be resealed. Their package contains 45 chews, so it is not something that is going to be used all at once. All Lucky Treats (LEFT) come in our special re-sealable package with oxygen absorbers so they will stay fresher, longer.

Which dog treat do you want to spend your money on?

Of course, Lucky Premium Treats also offers 100% money-back guarantee! We believe in what we do, and guaranteed all our products are made fresh (read more about our Ingredients) and your furkid(s) will love them.

Available in different sizes (Toy, Small, Medium & Large): Buy our Chicken Wrapped Treats!



  • Posted by Kathy Juda on

    Im concerned about the chemicals and process used to make the actual rawhide in your chicken Cleveland vered chewsticks. Ive been giving these to my dog (who loves them!) but have recently learned that the chemicals used to create rawhide are carcinogenic. Can you provide more information than just “made of n the usa”. Thanks.

  • Posted by Lucky Premium Treats on

    Hi Kathy, great question! Thank you for asking about our Lucky Rawhides. We are proud to say they are made from 100% grass-fed, free-range, antibiotic-free and hormone-free USA beef hide. Our special Lucky Treats processes for making our rawhides are preservative-free, chemical-free and bleach-free.

    We ensure all flavor throughout, and especially in all our basted rawhides in rich tastes such as beef, chicken and peanut butter. Our Lucky Treat rawhides are a delicious, chewy treat that keep your furkids busy! Not only are they entertaining and yummy, our rawhides help maintain your furkid’s dental health by naturally removing tartar, massaging their gums and satisfying their natural need to chew.

    We hope that answers your question! For more questions and answers, check our FAQ:

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