Pawtect Your Pets From Fireworks!

Protect Your Dogs this July 4th!

Celebrate safety fur-st, and be kind to your furkids.

While we're out celebrating our Independence, your dogs may be running away and hiding! Did you know more pets go missing this day of the year, more than any other day? The loud noises and really loud fireworks scare dogs especially, and they run away to hide, thus getting lost. Be mindful!

Here are eight great tips to keep our furkids safe this holiday:

  • Create a quiet space with their favorite toys and treats.

  • Best to keep our dogs indoors, with AC on if it is hot and humid.

  • Keep windows, curtains and doors closed.

  • Update your dog's ID, and make sure they are tagged and microchipped.

  • Never use fireworks around your dogs.

  • Take your dog for their potty break before festivities begin.

  • Dogs with anxiety should be accompanied by a person.

  • Consult your vet about using calming aids such as medicines and thundershirts.

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