Lucky's Birthday Celebration (Part 2/2)

Get to know Lucky!

What treats he likes to eat, his favorite pastime and what his everyday routine is!

Favorite Toy: Lucky has one favorite toy. It’s an old squeaky toy (does not squeak any more) that is broken and is a green Mr. Broccoli head. Often times if he does not have it in the bedroom he will get out of bed, scratch on the door and have either Steph or I go down with him to find Mr. Broccoli and bring him up to bed.

Lucky's so lucky!

Lucky's Favorite Lucky Treats:

Chicken Jerky, it was chicken wrapped chews but now it’s jerky (less work more chicken!

Veggies & Fruits: Lucky eats the Sweet Potatoes and Apples, but doesn’t really like Carrots! No surprise there, like most people, veggies aren’t his thing.

Straws: He enjoys the Chicken and Tuna flavors.

Lucky at Work:

Goes to the office every day. He likes the employees who give him the most snacks. Now that the offices have been expanded when he gets there he runs from office to office to see each member of the office staff. When the wrapping team leaves he plays with all of them but is favorite is Joslin, she gives him the most attention.

Lucky and I are virtually inseparable. From the time I get up in the morning he follows me everywhere. Even the bathroom. When we are in the car he sits in my lap and likes to stick his head out the window. The only time he is not in my lap in the car is when Steph sits him next to her. Friday night’s Steph and I have date night and we go to a movie. So when I get ready to leave he stands near the door and will stare at me making me feel guilty about leaving him. But when we get back his tail is wagging like mad because he is so happy to see us.


    A favorite route of Lucky’s routine:

    When I sit and watch the news at night he sits in my lap. As soon as I here Steph’s car I tell him “mom’s here” He jumps off my lap and goes to the door to wait for me to open it. As soon as I do he runs to the car tail wagging like mad to greet mom and wait for her to take him out for his evening walk before dinner.

    1. We now have a new early evening activity. We have lots of small kids that play in our cull de sac. So many evenings they will come knock on the door and I let lucky go out and chase them as they scream and hollow. He is really getting to enjoy this. I know it because as we pull in the driveway he looks out the window to see if the kids are outside.

    Andie was the daughter who pushed the hardest for us to get Lucky. Lucky rewarded her during his early days by going into her room and pooping whenever no one was watching him. As they say no good deed goes unpunished.

    Lucky napping!

    Lucky's Favorite Time, Naptime & Bedtime:

    When it gets close to that time he comes and stands in front me and stares at me until I start to get up. I then get him a bedtime snack of Jerky. He used to like rawhide chews at bedtime but now he figures it is easier to eat just jerky instead of having to work to get it off the rawhide. We recently started a new habit I have to carry him up to bed. He is quite capable of climbing but at bedtime I have to carry him up. I put him on the bed and the jerky on the end table. While I get ready in the bathroom he lays on the edge of the bed and stares at the jerky until I get back. Never tries to get it on his own. When I get back I tell him to backup and he backs up so that I have enough room to get in. It’s funny to watch him shuffle back while never taking his eyes off the Jerky. I then feed him his Jerky one small piece at a time. When it’s gone he stares at me until I rub my hands together that it is all gone. He then gets off the bed goes to the bathroom and has a drink of water before he gets back in bed.

    As for his bedtime habits. Lucky will make sure there's space for him on the bed, even if means Stephanie and I have to sleep on the edge of the bed. And of course he snores and snores and snores!


    Memories with the Birthday Boy:

    We were living in Loft condo that had white floors. With lucky being small and pure white my wife and I kept almost stepping on him. It took a while for us to get use to him.

    The first couple of nights we put lucky in our bath tub to sleep. We were afraid he would fall off the ledge to the floor below. He was not going to have that. He cried all night the first night. The second night we looked at pathetic look as he looked up at us. So we put him in our bed and he has been there ever since. I think it is really his bed and he shares it with us.

    We decided to give Lucky his first bath. He was not a happy camper at all with the experience. He was shaking like a leaf in a hurricane. To calm him down I put him on my chest and started humming just like I did with the girls when they were little. He quickly relaxed and fell asleep. That was probably when we started to bind and develop our mutual love for each other. To this day when I hold him in my arms or he lays beside me and I rub his tummy he relaxes and falls asleep.

    Lucky quickly learned that all he had to do is give us his droopy eyed look and we would cave in to his wishes

    Happy Dogmas!

    Lucky has a cousin called “Bear” a big fellow for being less than a year old. While Andie was preparing to leave for Law School Bear came to spend the summer with us. Now Bear is 60 lbs. and Lucky 18 Lbs. and 1/4th his size. Lucky being very spoiled would bark at bear when he came close. Bear would run away from lucky. Funny to see this big dog running away from little lucky.

    So, as Lucky turns 10 years old this December, we realize just how incredibly lucky we really are to have him in our lives. Each day is a new adventure. We're so happy to have you as our customers, but more than that, Lucky's friends! We thank you for celebrating with us!

    Lucky says: Woof!

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