Thank you for all of the PAWsome "I Woof You" photos and short stories! We loved reading about your furkids and their favorite Lucky treats! 

Patricia Brookins


"My First Day Dog"
Maddy is a rescue dog, she was so thin and not the best looking on the outside but she is so loving most of all I love her and she will be with me always. Has a beautiful soul.

Dog's Name: Maddy
Dog Age: 11 mos.
Dog Breed: only your guess
Favorite Lucky Treat:
Chicken Wrapped Rawhide chews





Dog’s Name: Kosmo

Dog Age: 8
Dog Breed: West Highland Terrier
Favorite Lucky Treat: Chicken Wrapped Rawhide medium size



Diana Honest

Hi, My name is Grasshopper. I am about a 4 year old rescue and I'm supposed to be part Chihuahua and part Jack Russell.  I am a picky eater and my mom discovered that Lucky Premium's Beef Jerky is a big favorite of mine.  She must, must, give me some with each of my meals and before I go to bed.  As you can see, I'm addicted to that yummy jerky.  I sure hope others will try it out, you'll love it too.


Michelle Grogan









    “Waiting out the rain”

    Although this isn't the best photo of my husband or Chloe, it's one of my favorites.  It was taken while waiting for the rain to stop at our local dog park.  Chloe was adopted 2 years ago from our local animal shelter and although we aren't sure what her life was like before we rescued her, I know ours is definitely better with her in it!  She's a daddy's girl who loves nothing more than chasing balls and hanging out with him.  She's such a sweet soul <3

    Dog: Chloe/2 years old/Chihuahua mix and she is OBSESSED with your Chicken Jerky :)





    Joanna Rogers

    “My Valentine”

    This is Valentine. A 2 year old schi-shon (teddy bear breed). She lives with me and my husband in Wisconsin. She 💜'a sleeping with me, or more appropriately, ON me!! To the point that she will go into a "doggy" freak-out panic attack if I don't let her. Yesterday I fell asleep on the couch. I was uncomfortable with her laying on my chest so I kept pushing her off me. That did not deter her. Persistence counts when it comes to this little doggie 🐶 getting her way. Well I must of pushed her off one too many times. Cuz this is how I found her when I woke up. Wedged between the cushions of the couch with a very pleased look on her little doggie face. Overly content with just being able to lay down in my close vicinity. Even if it meant being severely smushed and not able to move. I guess you can say she "woofs me"! I definitely love her!!!!! ❤️ Favorite treats are Chicken Wrapped smalls.


    Stay tuned for more contests and don't miss another opPAWtunity for free treats!

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