Back To School Time for Pups

Whether you have children or not the hustle and bustle of back-to-school time affects us all, even our four-legged family members. The summer time routine can be more relaxed and we tend to let things slip a bit more. As the Fall months come in, we start fresh routines. However, just because we’re prepared for a transition doesn’t mean we can throw this change at our dogs and expect them to jump right on board. Pups are creatures of habit so we’ve suggested some ideas to help ease them into the new daily routine.

Introducing a New Routine:

  1. Incorporate a new fun time just for them.
    1. Choosing a time during the day to give them specific attention and extra snuggles. Raising your dog’s happiness and reducing their stress.
    2. Studies show this will also ease your stress as well. Maybe this time should be right when you get home from work.
  2. Reinforce meal times.
    1. Setting specific meal times and picking up food when it’s over can help set the routine and timeline for the day.
    2. It also reduces messes or anxiety if you’re gone during the day and unable to take your pups outside.
  3. Be a disciplined owner.
    1. Remember, you’re the pack-leader. If you want to make sure your new routine is followed then you have to be the first one to follow it.
    2. Yes, things happen to alter schedules but we have to remember that we have the power to make each day work for everyone.
  4. Make exercise a priority.
    1. Exercise is so important to help your pups adjust to a new schedule. Helping to relieve stress and extra energy.
    2. If you’re able to set times for exercise then this will help establish your daily timeline as well.
  5. Stimulate their cute little minds.
    1. Training and games can actually exhaust your pups more than physical exercise. Your smart little dog wants to learn things and show you their accomplishments.
    2. We found some great examples of games you can play here.

If you’re a stay-at-home parent or a work-at-home entrepreneur these tips apply to you as well. You’ll have changed up a couple things to your daily routine so these are easy ways to make sure your pup feels like their still an important part of your daily routine.

Oh yeah, and not to boast but our Chicken Jerky Bites are great treats to reinforce good behavior. They smell so good, you might be tempted to try a bite yourself. 

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